Mishkan Tefila’s Religious School

On Going Registration ! 

Tzofim is Mishkan Tefila’s innovative new Jewish learning experience for children from pre-k to Bar/Bat Mitzvah age. The program meets two Sundays per month from 9am to 12pm at 384 Harvard St, Brookline. The program is tailored to the specific interests and abilities of each individual child. It is guided by Rabbinic Intern Micah Shapiro as the madrich (counselor) and Rabbi Plumb. The program is:

  • STEAM oriented, individually paced learning
  • Modern Judaic curriculum focused on Hebrew, Jewish culture, Tefila and Tzedakah
  • Experiential, child-centered program with both collaborative and independent activities
  • Designed to engage the whole family in learning through educational excursions and home-based activities.

You can register your child or children for 2016-17 online, using the form below. The cost is $540 for the first child and $460 for each additional child in the family. You will have the option of making a tuition payment online, through Eventbrite, after completing the registration. Or you may mail in a check. If you are interested in finding out about financial assistance, please contact Jennifer Erem, Programs Coordinator at programs@mishkantefila.org.