Social Justice

Welcome to the Social Justice @ Mishkan Tefila page!

Please be patient as we area in the early stages of determining the focus of our work this year.

As you know, one of the four focuses for Mishkan Tefila this year is to imbue the Mishkan Tefila community with social justice. In my mind, the best way to do this is with a dual focus; internal and external.

Our internal work, will focus on asking questions like “Is Mishkan Tefila doing the best we can to welcome and engage people of different abilities, races, and gender and sexual orientations?” or asked another way, “How can we make Mishkan Tefila a more JUST community?”

Our external work focuses on how do we want to support making our local community of Brookline, our national community of the United States, and/or our global community a more just place? What specific justice issues do we want to focus on? Do we want to focus on those issues on our own, or join in coalitions with other organizations doing work around that area?

As some of you may know, while we are formalizing social justice as Mishkan Tefila, we have community members already involved in different organizations. As your social justice intern, I have been cultivating and strengthening relationships with Keshet, The Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, and the Moiushe Kavod House. I have been able to cultivate relationships with the organizations doing justice work because of some of the work Mishkan Tefila community members have already been doing around social justice.

I have also begun to speak to individual members of the community about your passions, and interests around social justice work. I see this as a collective decision-making process. Yes, I am able to help guide us in who else is doing justice related work, how we might want to think about where to put our energies, but in terms of what broader issue of justice we focus on, I want us to think together and be driven by our collective passions for justice to decide that.

On Sunday, October 29th, at 1:00 PM on the 384 Harvard Campus is the InspoExpo, an opportunity to meet various organizations in the Boston area working on different justice related issues. We will be represented there, but I invite you to explore who else is there. Get ideas about who we might want to work with. See what justice issues in the Boston area are being worked on.
Maybe notice what is missing and how we might be able to address the missing piece.

If you have any questions about this work, or want to get involve, please email

– Bryan Mann, Social Justice Intern

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