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Welcome to Congregation Mishkan Tefila. We are delighted to introduce you to our creative, vibrant, innovative and warm community. We are over 160 years old, yet and brand new at the same time.

We welcome Jews and their partners from all lifestyles, backgrounds and spiritual perspectives. We hope that being part of the Mishkan Tefila family will help you grow and stretch yourself and your family, and become who you most want to be. We know you will make new friends, feel supported on your life journey, feel empowered to make a positive change in the world, and find unexpected blessings here.

Our community is based on Mussar values. Mussar is a genre of Jewish literature which promotes spiritual self-growth. (see our Mussar page for more information). We use Mussar at Mishkan Tefila to help us mindfully value each human being, and create joy at every opportunity. As a community, We focus on six Mussar traits/middot: Patience/ Savlanut, Kavod/Respect, Simcha/Joy, B’Tzelem Elohim/Each person is a child of God, Zerizut/Enthusiasm,Hakarat Hatov/Seeing the Good.

As part of the Conservative Movement, we value Jewish tradition and identity, while embracing change and innovation. Our rich history includes members such as Leonard Bernstein, who translated his love of the music from Mishkan Tefila into great American classics. We continue to celebrate music in all its joyous forms.

Your children will find a home here through our STEAM programs, young children activities, and our unique individualized B’nei Mitzvah project, as well as in our multigenerational events.

We look forward to supporting your journey through the vibrant Mishkan experience.  


Wed, May 22 2024 14 Iyyar 5784