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All beginnings require that you unlock new doors. The key is giving and doing. Give tzedakah and do kindness.”

-R’ Nachman of Bratslav

Supporting and Sustaining the Mishkan Community

Whether you have prayed, learned or socialized with Mishkan we want to thank you for being part of our community and for helping to make CMT the vibrant and thriving community it is.

Mishkan is only able to keep innovating, making social change, bringing progressive, joyful and inclusive Judaism to the 384 Campus and inspiring personally meaningful Jewish spiritual experiences with financial support and investments from the Mishkan community and other generous donors.

You can take an active role in helping ensure Mishkan has the resources to pursue our vision of a transformative spiritual community. Every donation matters and is meaningful. When combined with each other’s as part of the community’s fundraising efforts we will be able to make a significant investment into the future of Mishkan.

Communities are made up of people committed to supporting and investing in each other and to the infrastructure and systems that facilitate communal well-being.

How to make donations

Online: You can easily and securely donate online.

By Phone: Call 617-332-7770

By Mail: Contributions can be mailed to 384 Harvard St. Brookline MA 02446

By Stock Transfers: Our DTC number is 7587 and our broker is Charles Schwab. The account number for Congregation Mishkan Tefila is 5701-5153 We would appreciate an email letting us know that you have donated appreciated securities so that we can readily match your generous gift to you as the donor.

Tribute Giving

Make a donation in honor or memory of a loved one, to commemorate a life cycle event or to celebrate a special occasion. CMT will notify the designated individual or family of your gift to CMT. Click here.


Giving is a very personal act. Congregation Mishkan Tefila’s Development Committee and the Endowment Trustees invite you to demonstrate your love and commitment to the current and future vitality of Mishkan Tefila through the giving of a tailored gift. Whether you are interested in learning about an existing Synagogue funding need or exploring a unique gift that meshes well with your own personal interests and priorities, we’d love to meet with you. There are many ways to invest and ensure a secure future for the Mishkan community.

For more information, please contact Toni Spitzer, Executive Director,  at 617-332-7770.


Development Committee

Congregation Mishkan Tefila’s Development Committee assists with all areas of the Temple's fundraising activities to help supplement voluntary pledge support, endowment earnings and other income. In addition to setting fundraising guidelines and policies, overseeing donor recognition, helping with personalized gifts and managing of fundraising events and opportunities, the Development Committee coordinates the annual voluntary support pledge and works in concert with Mishkan’s  Presidents, staff and Endowment Trustees to assure our community's financial strength.


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