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(formerly known as Chesed Committee)

Taking care of each other is a fundamental social value in the everyday lives of Jews.

To meet that need, we have created the Support Squad, a group of volunteers who will strive to make the lives of our community better by attempting to help in times of need, whether it be a time of sadness, illness, joy or change.

All inquiries and requests for assistance will be treated as confidential. 


Please Consider Becoming a Volunteer. 

It will require only a few hours of your time and can make a significant and positive difference in someone’s life. Some of the tasks that we will be asking our volunteers to perform may include:

  • preparing ( or purchasing) and delivering a meal
  • dropping off a challah
  • grocery shopping
  • writing notes of congratulations or condolence
  • visiting the sick
  • making a phone call to someone who is ill
  • doing a specific errand or chore
  • support after a death or life change

For more information or to volunteer please call (617) 332-7770 or contact us at


Tue, June 18 2024 12 Sivan 5784