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(formerly known as Chesed Committee)

Taking care of each other is a fundamental social value in the everyday lives of Jews.

Engaging in Gemilut Hasadim , performing acts of loving kindness is at the heart of what it means to be a part of a Jewish community.

To meet that need, we have created the Support Squad, a group of volunteers who will strive to make the lives of our community better by attempting to help in times of need, whether it be a time of sadness, illness, joy or change.

All inquiries and requests for assistance will be treated as confidential. 

The mission of the Support Squad in collaboration with Rabbi Plumb, provides support to members of Mishkan Tefila in the event of a birth or adoption, illness, death or other significant life cycle change.

The Support Squad, among other things, will coordinate volunteers in order provide support to our members. There are times when the need requires a simple gesture and at other times a more coordinated effort. 

In order to be able to meet these needs or requests, we hope to recruit and train a significant number of volunteers from our community. Volunteers need not possess any particular skill, just a desire to help. Each volunteer may choose to participate in tasks that are particularly meaningful to them. 

We would appreciate the participation of as many volunteers as possible to join us in order to make the launch of this program successful.


Please Consider Becoming a Volunteer. 

It will require only a few hours of your time and can make a significant and positive difference in someone’s life. Some of the tasks that we will be asking our volunteers to perform may include:

  • preparing ( or purchasing) and delivering a meal
  • dropping off a challah
  • grocery shopping
  • writing notes of congratulations or condolence
  • visiting the sick
  • making a phone call to someone who is ill
  • doing a specific errand or chore
  • support after a death or life change

For more information or to volunteer please call (617) 332-7770 or contact us at


Mon, September 25 2023 10 Tishrei 5784