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How is this night different from all other nights?There are more than four ways, this year!

What’s on for Pesach at the Mobile Mishkan:                                           Congregation Mishkan Tefila's Virtual Home?

Second Night Seder, April 9, for all ages—Enjoy a meaningful, fun, interactive virtual seder at Rabbi Plumb’s home, April 9, 4:30 pm.
Please join us and register. We would like to involve as many participants as possible. Please let us know if you’d like to take a bit of the seder and put your own spin on it, from your home to ours! We’d love to share the leading of the seder as we would if we were at same table. 

First day Pesach services, April 9, 9:30 am led by Rabbi Plumb and Adirchai Haberman Browns, our High Holy Day Hazzan, who will be joining us from Jerusalem.

8th day Pesach service with Yizkor, April 16, 10:00 am led by Rabbi Plumb and Cantor Band. Torah reading by Rose Spitzer.


To RSVP for SEDER Click Here
For the ZOOM Link to the SEDER Click Here
Click here to download the Mishkan Tefila Haggadah
Click here for the ZOOM link for Pesach Morning Services 

Selling of Chametz:

Once again, Congregation Mishkan Tefila is pleased to offer you the opportunity to sell your Chametz online.
The chametz sale will be conducted under the authority of Rabbi Marcia Plumb before the start of the upcoming Passover holiday.

Selling of Chametz 2020

Prepare for Pesach:

 Resources for Pesach Prep:

Cleaning and More: what to eat, drink, clean and how to celebrate Pesach in this unique time, by the USJC ·

Resources for Celebrating First Night Pesach in your home:

 SEDER2020: This year Passover night IS different from all other nights. SEDER2020 wants to help you organize a meaningful and create Passover experience this year, so we’ve put all the pieces in one place: logistics, video conferencing, a Haggadah that guests can download and print at home, and more. Further, you can create and find “open” Passover experiences here too if you want to create a communal space or join one, whether that’s your synagogue’s communal Seder or a crew from your Burning Man camp. How creative do you want to be?

First Night virtual seder: Boston Synagogue Virtual Seder
Virtual Earth Seder, led by an inspirational colleague Rabba Kaya Stern Kaufman
Download a beautiful easy to use Haggadah for your own home seder:

More Resources:
A DIY place for your Haggadah or Haggadah Supplements:
Additions to the Seder Plate:
A Refugee Awareness Haggadah:
Haggadah for Kids and Families: (download or order)
Supplemental Social Justice Readings:
Deeper Passover and Haggadah Learning:
USCJ Passover Resource Page
Conservative Yeshiva Passover Resource Page
Rabbinical Assembly Passover Resource Page
JTS Passover Resource Page
Jewish Grandparents Network Passover Resource Page
PJ Library Passover Resource Page
18 Doors Passover Resource Page  (formerly Interfaith Family)

Food Shopping Options:

Has Passover items available, expanded shopping hours, and some delivery options available..

Online ordering and delivery. (Note longer delivery lag times than usual due to high demand, so plan ahead.)

Online ordering and delivery. Very limited delivery slots before Pesach, so please check soon.



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